We aim to inspire our creative community through art

As well as having a focus on sustainability, Lousy prides itself on creating opportunities for artists to shine. From hosting and supporting exhibitions to putting on one-off events, we're constantly looking at ways to engage with talented artists and push the community forward.

Below are some things we've been
able to accomplish so far




Hear Me Out

For one-night-only we hosted a huge charity exhibition in conjunction with the Anxiety Recovery Centre of Victoria. We gathered 50 artists and 50 anonymous testimonials about anxiety disorders with the aim of showcasing the realities of living with anxiety. This resulted in over 200 people coming through the Collingwood Arts Precinct to come face to face with a topic that is often overlooked, watered-down and brushed under the rug.

We helped ARCVic raise over $3500
through the auction of artworks





Artists' Market

We we're invited to have a stall at the Collingwood Artists' Market, hosted by the Co-Ground Coffee charity. Given that there was an opportunity to showcase our product in person, we decided to create a live-art activation in the center of the market. Founders, Ruskidd and Mike Eleven as well as illustrators Candy Ng and Wanissa Somsuphangsri were given a side each to paint on the day using Lousy.

All artworks were raffled off for charity
alongside a package of Lousy bottles

JULY 2017




Alex Lahey x
Callum Preston

Artist, designer and all-round renaissance man, Callum Preston, was tasked with creating a music video for local musician, Alex Lahey. Over 14 hours of work later, the finished stop-motion video amounted to 1800+ frames all using our 100% recycled artist ink.

A stop-motion music video made
using 1800+ frames of Lousy





Artist Series

After the success of our debut group exhibition, we made limited-edition postcards using some of our favourite artists' pieces. The featured artists were local legends Simon Beuve, Chehehe, Ox King and Muriel-Ann Ricafrente.

Limited-edition postcard series
with 4 talented, local artists

MARCH 2017




Lousy Show

Our debut group exhibition and the launch of our brand saw over 60 artists contribute artworks, amounting to nearly 165 artworks in total. Chaotically sprawled across the walls of BSIDE Gallery, the works showcased the range of Melbourne's talent and the versatility of our ink. Some works shouted with bold application while others whispered through their fine linework.

Over 60 artists and over
160 artworks on show

MARCH 2017